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Incorporated within Technocover


TechnoRail offers the total high security package for the rail industry including covers, cabinets, doors, ancillary products and staging. 

 Illustrated Guide to TechnoRail High Security Access Products

TechnoRail Product Overview Illustration


Walk-in Modular Building

1. Walk-in modular buildings/enclosures (e.g. Tunnel Emergency Store) approved to LPCB LPS1175 Security Level 3 (450c/04) and Level 4 (450c/01).

Modular Staging Unit – With LOC Cases and Cable Protection Ducting

2. Modular staging units for up- or down-bank situations, with or without cable protection ducting. 

UTX Underline Cable Crossing Access Cover

3. UTX underline cable crossing access covers. 

Large REB Modular Staging Platform Unit

4. Modular staging platform with REB units for up- or down-bank situations.

Line-side Housing Box

5. Line-side post mounted secure cabinets. 

Full Location Apparatus Case

6. Full location apparatus cases, LPCB LPS1175 approved Level 3 (450b/02) and Level 4 (450b/04) and PADS Approved (PA05/03986).

Twin Door Cabinet/Kiosk

7. Single or twin door cabinets/enclosures for housing trackside equipment, LPCB LPS1175 approved Level 3 (450c/05 & 06) and Level 4 (450c/02 & 03).

Upstand Access Cover

8. Secure hinged upstand access covers with fall protection options, security rated up to LPCB LPS1175 Level 4. Available in single twin, triple and multiple leaf configurations. Also available are certificated solid top/flush fitting access covers.

Louvre Vent Blanking Plate

9. Louvre vent/blanking plate.

Boxed Louvre Vent

10. Louvre vent systems, LPCB security approved to LPS1175 Level 5.

Wall Mounted Cabinet

11. Wall mounted secure cabinets, LPCB security approved to LPS1175 Level 3.

Security Doors

12. UltraSecure steel doors – Padlock entry LPCB security approved up to LPS1175 Level 4 and Sentinel key entry approved to LPS1175 Level 5.

Wrap Around Security Cabinets/Kiosks

13. Wrap around LPCB approved security cabinets for use over various trackside equipment.

Half Location Apparatus Case

14. Half location apparatus cases, LPCB LPS1175 approved Level 3 (450b/01) and Level 4 (450b/03) and PADS Approved (PA05/03986).

Temporary Safety Crossing Barrier System

15. Temporary safety crossing barrier systems.

Block Infilled Access Cover

16. Block infilled access covers for use in paved areas.

Total Service Vehicle

17. Technocover – TechnoRail – Total Service – Site surveying, installation and maintenance.

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