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Technocover Innovations – New Registered Design Four-Part (Quadrant) Fall Protection System

Technocover Sentinel Louvre Vent in Building - External View

Fall protection safety grids continue to be one of the most important safety features protecting against the risk of injury from falls into access chambers.

Since 1993 Technocover have been providing safe access solutions to meet duty of care and site safety operational needs. Our access covers are manual handling compliant and depending upon the function and size of each chamber an appropriate integral fall protection safety grid system can be provided for the safe protection of operatives.

Technocover were “Finalists” in the inaugural 2004 Health & Safety Awards, with our integral G4W 2-part split hinged, gate system, pump-through safety grid, under the best safety product category for safeguarding operators over Wet Well chambers.

Through collaborative design with our customers we have over the years illustrated our ability to provide cost effective fall protection solutions to enable safe inspection and removal of submersible pumps without the need for restrictive vertical barrier systems.

Technocovers 4-part (Quadrant) G1Q and G4Q Fall Protection systems are the latest in our range of full protection safety solutions for wet wells, safeguarding operatives from accidental falls into chambers. Four individual grids hinge up around the pump on its removal enhancing operative protection.

G1Q Four-Part (Quadrant) Wet Well Protection System G4Q Four-Part (Quadrant) Open Mesh Wet Well Protection System

G1Q (Shown in upstand access cover)

G4Q (Shown in flush fitting access cover)

Illustrations show typical Technocover UltraSecure twin leaf, end hinged, access covers. These would be installed over wet well chambers having two submersible pumps each on twin guiderails to enable correct withdraw of the individual pumps up and out of the chamber for de-ragging or general pump maintenance purposes.

Benefits in Design

How the New 4-Part Fall Protection Works Over a Typical Wet Well Chamber

The hinged 4-part (Quadrant) G4Q unit stays in a closed position but allows a PCLA “Snatch” device to drop through the letterbox slot and the submersible pump to be withdrawn and setback safely during routine maintenance or inspection.

On withdrawal, as the pump nears the top it breaks through the two larger hinged grid segments and these instantly close shut once the pump is through.

On reinstalling the pump the segments are lifted up by hand to allow entry of the pump.

The design of the two smaller quadrant sections allows them to be hinged open for the pump unit to be easily married back up its guiderails.

To see the four-part Quadrant fall protection system in action click here to view a demonstration video. Alternatively for further details or to request a 20 minute presentation, please contact our Business Development Department.

The Technocover Four-Part (Quadrant) Fall Protection Grid has a Certificate of Registration of Design. Registration number 4030855.