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Security Approved KioskOffsite Prefabrication Provides Significant Built-in Advantages

The continual drive for time- and cost-efficiency is leading to ever-increasing demand for offsite prefabrication and fit-out particularly where large security enclosures and kiosk systems are concerned. When additional advantages of quality-controlled factory manufacture and reduction of site health and safety requirements are taken into account the benefits soon start to add up.

Technocover have always taken a proactive and innovative approach to shrinking the time required to deliver and install a full range of UltraSecure LPCB approved galvanised steel security solutions for the protection of critical site assets.

Clients are increasingly consulting with Technocover surveyors and designers on the considerable benefits offered by factory assembled ‘plug and go’ security products, fully fitted-out prior to delivery with all mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems. These can usually be craned into position ready for simple connection to mains services, saving both site labour and programme time. Also, and importantly, this transfers management and certification of complex fit-outs to the quality-controlled environment of the factory.

The Technocover ethos is to provide Total Service Solutions – consultancy, site survey, design, manufacture, delivery planning and installation – with many sectors having sought our expertise in providing third party certificated physical security access solutions to protect assets, prevent unauthorised access or to overcome vulnerability issues.

The adaptability of steel products means the most complex design criteria can be met allowing clients to efficiently and effectively achieve functionality objectives.

Example One. UltraSecure Security Enclosure/Modular Building System:

Security Approved Kiosk Installation


PVC Lined and Fitted-out Security Approved Kiosk


Ply Lined and Fitted-out Security Approved Kiosk

A solid walled structure manufactured to suit individual requirements of the client with a LPCB certificated size to 5 m wide × 10 m deep × 3 m high. Internal dividing walls and doors can be incorporated within the design, if required, along with outward opening single or twin doors with optional security matched vision panels and louvre vents. Various certificated door entry and exit control options are available as are roof access covers/hatches.

Example Two. UltraSecure Security Mesh Cage System:

Security Approved Mesh Cage System


Security Approved Mesh Cage System


Security Approved Mesh Cage System

A modular design allows the creation of many different permutations of anti-climb mesh protection with configuration options from a two-sided structure against an existing building up to a full stand-alone five-sided structure. Technocover mesh cages provide excellent free airflow and visibility of protected assets at all times. Mesh cages are suitable for internal or external use and are custom designed with single or twin gates to suit client functionality criteria.

Strong Considerations and Advantages of Offsite Prefabrication


Fastracking Security Enhancement Projects, Reducing Site Working Times 

In addition to providing 'concept-to-installation' prefabricated UltraSecure systems for new build projects, Technocover also apply the Total Service Solutions principal to the hardening of existing structures in order to significantly reduce site operational downtime during asset hardening security upgrades. A practical example of this is the design and utilisation of purpose made formers used to extend the footprint of concrete slabs prior to the installation of new enclosures that can then be fitted with minimum disruption.


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