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Technocover Innovations

Introducing the Second-Generation Sentinel UltraSecure High Security Doorsets

Technocover are the first to manufacture and supply both SR2 and SR3 LPS 1175: Issue 7 single and twin leaf doorsets that provide the option of padlocking, key mechanical or electro-mechanical entry systems fully integrated with a range of exit hardware. The new second-generation Sentinel UltraSecure doors are available with a range of certified options and accessories, including, for example, SR2 and SR3 louvre vents and vision panels, in order to fully suit site operational and security needs.

Technocover are pleased to introduce the new second-generation SR2 and SR3 Sentinel single-point latching doorsets with a choice of entry options that include Hasp and Staple Padlocking, Mechanical Key Cylinder and Electro-mechanical locking systems together with a multitude of exit functions, including mechanical, electronic, panic and emergency escape options all conforming to BS EN 179 and BS EN 1125 accreditations.

Improvements in product design features:

Standard product features:


Single point latching, lever handle exit Single point latching, push pad exit Single point latching, full width push plate exit
Single Point Exit Latch. Push Pad Exit. Full Width Push Plate Exit.
Hasp and staple padlock entry Key cylinder/mechanical and lever handle entry Example of electronic access control
SR2 and SR3 Hasp and Staple
Padlock Entry.
Key Cylinder Mechanical and
Lever Handle Entry.
Electronic Access Control
(Swipe System Reader).



Our 23 years’ experience and expertise has made us a highly trusted partner and our range of Sentinel UltraSecure SR2, SR3, SR4 and SR5 access products can be found in many important or sensitive applications including the utility sector and government establishments.

Technocover’s wealth of experience in the field of Physical Security has enabled us to provide an ever increasing range of UltraSecure products that include Flush and Upstand Access Covers, Doors, Cabinets, Kiosks, Mesh Cages, Window Bars and Louvres, intended to combat all levels of trespass and malicious damage and prevent unauthorised access.


Sentinel Lite hasp and staple padlockable door Sentinel Lite key entry/mechanical entry door Sentinel Lite electro-mechanical access control door
Hasp and Staple Padlocking Entry. Mechanical Key Cylinder and
Lever Handle Entry.
Electronic Access Control
(Swipe System).

Details of the full range of second-generation high security Sentinel UltraSecure Single and Twin Doorsets are available on the Technocover website as are downloadable datasheets ... Click Here.                     

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