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Technocover Innovations

High Security Mesh Systems – An Adaptable Approach

Technocover's many years of expertise are frequently utilised by clients to devise and manage complete projects for the physical protection of assets. From initial site survey to final installation of an ever increasing range of third-party accredited high security solutions, Technocover are able to offer a Total Service Solution, often including associated civils work.

Those that know Technocover will already be aware of, or have experience of, some of our innovative solutions in action and also of our considerable experience of undertaking work to improve security and efficiency utilising our diverse range of UltraSecure physical security access products certified to the exacting security standards of the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

Technocover’s team of specialist designers firmly believe in the importance of innovation and proactivity in solving security and operational problems and are always on hand to help provide best value solutions to overcome a wide range of security challenges by fully applying our time proven Total Service philosophy. Below are two examples of recent security hardening solutions, each illustrating Technocover's approach to tackling unique challenges whilst fully addressing client needs, whole-life costs and safety concerns whilst providing SR3 and SR4 high security access control using our highly adaptable range of LPCB certified security mesh systems tested and approved to the rigorous LPS 1175: Issue 7 standard.

Example 1: UltraSecure Four-Sided Mesh Cage Enclosures with Solid Roof

Delivery of pre-built SR3 mesh enclosure. Installed SR4 mesh enclosure.

These modular Cage Enclosures were dispatched to site pre-built, lifted into position and fully installed by Technocover’s experienced and certified site services teams.

The structures included padlockable security entry gates with safety stays and flat thresholds. Assets within the cages required good, free airflow and the inner workings needed to be visible for inspection through the mesh sidewalls. Due to the isolated and exposed rural location, the cage enclosures required solid roofs in order to protect maintenance operatives from the weather whilst undertaking work inside.

Example 2: UltraSecure Four-Sided Mesh Enclosure with Single Skin Upstand Access Cover

Mesh enclosures complete with top access cover.

These modular Mesh Enclosure units, complete with hinged top access points, were again fully installed by Technocover’s site services teams including the provision of the concrete foundation plinths.

Each observation borehole structure consisted of four sidewalls of high security mesh panels designed and engineered to mitigate risk of unauthorised entry to the asset whilst providing good free airflow. The top single leaf hinged access cover provided an external lifting handle and shoot bolt-locking system with flip-up shroud for an LPCB approved padlock. The cover, with its integrated tamper proof hidden hinges and torsion sprung lid, provided for single person operation and included a hand operated auto safety stay to ensure the cover remained safe in open position when required to do so.

On a few sites due to the height of the observation borehole, the specification also included side-staging platforms with entry steps and full side hand railing to facilitate safe operative access and these too were provided by Technocover.


As can be seen in both of the above examples, Technocover have designed and engineered considerable adaptability into the high security mesh system, including entry and exit access points, to allow configurations to suit specific site and operational needs. On other occasions Technocover have supplied mesh cage enclosures that have required a solid front face and entry doors, providing for a more visual security need, whilst having open mesh sides to allow for free airflow, again the overall system maintaining security integrity.

All Technocover mesh products are hot dip galvanised after manufacture to BS EN ISO 1461, as standard, to ensure longevity of service. Additional paint finishes are available, including a two-part polyurethane finish (Cromadex extra life coating system), in a range of RAL colours.

LPCB Security Ratings

LPCB Level 3 Security Rating certifies the resistance of solutions to determined attempts of force using bodily force and a wide range of hand tools with greater mechanical advantage, including those that create noise.

LPCB Level 4 Security Rating certifies the resistance to experienced determined attempts at forced entry using a wide range of hand tools and battery power tools, with a disregard for noise created.

For further details on the Technocover range of Security Mesh Systems or to discuss other security hardening solutions, please contact our Business Development Department.